Choreographer/ artistic director of MOHA

Research: The Art of Public

Public space is the only physical place where society is confronted with its diversity. It is also called an environment for social learning, where people indirectly teach or influence each other. However, this definition might be misleading today. People see each other, they might observe, but they hardly interact. They are out in public but they stay private. With this awareness, I am interested in challenging and researching the contradiction between the reality of public space and its different potentials. Art creates an opportunity to detour from a given situation towards a more fictional scenario in order to declare this proposed space: a learning space.

For the last five years I have been developing art projects in public space. Working intensively sometimes makes it uneasy to find time for theoretical input and critical reflection. Therefore, I appreciate that this master programme gave me space, time and guidance to look at my work from a more analytical and theoretical perspective. With the help of these new insights, I will be able to strengthen my personal artistic development and even more, it will enable me to propose new forms of educational frameworks: the public space as a sphere – to learn and to teach.

Recent videos  of Olivia are posted on vimeo, for instance: